Download Legacy Remedy Thick Client

As of Remedy version 8.0, the thick client is no longer supported. It is recommended that you use the mid-tier (Remedy Web) client for accessing Remedy. With that being said, thick clients are likely to continue to be compatible for a few more years (at least through 2018 or a Remedy 9.x upgrade).

These clients are listed here as a convenience only. If you need to download any of them, it is recommended that you download the 7.6.4 User Tool. Remedy administrators who plan to build applications should also download the 8.1.2 Developer Studio.

Remedy Client Version Release Date Remedy Developer Studio
& Data Import Tool
(Admin Access Only)
Remedy User &
Notifier Tools
Readme / Install Docs
8.1.2 Patch 1 11/07/2014 Download Studio
Java 6u45 64-bit
See Statement Read Me
7.6.4 Patch 4 09/06/2012 Download Download All Read Me
6.3.0 Patch 25 11/03/2008 Download Download User
Download Notifier
Read Me

All Remedy clients run on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. If you use an Apple computer, then you must run this software inside of a Windows-based virtual machine.